Pickleball Association of NSW

Sydney Inter-Club Competition 2024

Brush Farm Park, Lawson St, Eastwood.
Day: Sundays (starts February 4th 2024)
Time: 2pm   

Finals - 2pm Sunday 14 April

  Final matches Bronze medal matches
3.5+ Replacements (NB) vs PIP Power Stingers (Will) vs Benchwarmers (NB)
3.0 - 3.49 PIPsters vs Wasps (Woy Woy) Hells Kitchen (Will) vs Bluebottles (NB)
Under 3.0 Wannabees (Will) vs Fireballs (NB)  Northern Stars (NB) vs PIPsqueaks 


Northern Beaches


Northern Beaches

PIP (Ryde)

Central Coast


2.99 & under

Northern Stars


Kerrie Ralec

Craig Lush

Karl Sice

Julie Williams




Jessica Williams

Kuvesh Pather
Johann Wee
Jessica Colleran





Jocelyn Macedo Mory Zabeti

Terence Wood

Heather Brandt

Jocelyn Macedo








Anne Whitehouse

Jan Kennedy

Louise Laz

Katrina O’Callaghan

Johnson Tony

Tim North

Anne Schneider

Vivek Goyal



3.0 to 3.49




Rick Nelmes

Anthony Cummins

Jen Cummins

Maria Hawes




Hell’s Kitchen


Mei Miao

Paul Byers
Chris Daly
Nicola Parsons





Dave Daw

Tonia Amy

Catherine Frank

Joseph Petranovic

Naval Shevade

Serkan Akdag

Roger Appathurai

Deb Khoury

Woy Woy Wasps


Nina Johnson

Angela Taylor

Susan Douglas

Nada Robilliard

Jason McColl

Asoka Ekanayake

Charles Isbester

Stephen Fielding


3.5 – 3.99


The Replacements


Kevin Yap

Noriko Miyake

Katy Hargreaves

Nick Hazell





Lesley Clarke
Scott Brayshaw
Hans Lee          Donna Jay





The Benchwarmers


David Le

Jay Keanly

Zach Zocher

Andy Nixey



PIP Power


Pauli Kilpelainen/ Steve Spargo

Leanne McMillan

Linda Sleiman

Brian Ho

Pankaj Gupta

Andrew Alves

James Chedid

John Jun




2.99 and under
Northern Beaches (2 teams)

3.0 - 3.49
Northern Beaches 
Central Coast

3.5 - 3.99
Northern Beaches (2 teams)

Week 1 – 4 Feb      

2.99 and under

Northern Stars vs WannaBees

Fireballs vs PIPsqueaks


3.0 – 3.49

Bluebottles vs Hell’s Kitchen


PIPsters vs Woy Woy Wasps


3.5 – 3.99

Replacements vs Stingers

Benchwarmers vs PIP Power



For week by week results and competition ladder see latest attached Excel file at bottom of this page. Select round number on tab at bottom of the spreadsheet. 

See Draw in Word doc attached at bottom of page. 



4 players on each team: 2 women + 2 men
Each week each player will play 4 x games to 15 points by 2: 2 x gender doubles and 2 x mixed doubles.

Games are played in traditional format with points being won only when the serving team wins a rally. 

One 1 minute time out per team each game.

Change ends when first team reaches 8 points. 

Game days are decided first by number of games won by each team and if 4 games each, it will be decided by the number of points won by each team. If the number of points are also equal, the teams will split the bonus points.

Each team will receive one point for winning each game plus two bonus points for winning game day. That is, a maximum of 10 points on offer each week.

Game days postponed or washed out due to rain will be replayed the following week (not during school holidays) with no additional player cost.

Game days partially completed but abandoned by rain will be decided if one team has won at least 5 games. Otherwise abandoned game days will be replayed the following week at no additional cost.

Balls: Yellow/Green Franklin X

(Please avoid wearing yellow or light green clothes).