Pickleball Association of NSW


Current PANSW policies. Policies are reviewed every 4 years or earlier when required.

Affiliation Policy
Affiliation is the arrangement between a club, group or venue and PANSW whereby the two align for the common purpose of developing pickleball in NSW.
PANSW encourages all pickleball clubs, groups and venues to become affiliated.

Code of Conduct Policy
Codes of conduct are sets of rules outlining the behaviour and responsibilities and or proper practices for an individual. This code of conduct briefly lists standards of behaviour for players, coaches, officials and administrators. This policy is a requirement of NSW Sport and Recreation.

Conflict of Interest Policy                         Conflict of Interest Register
Conflicts of interest exist when a person is deriving income from a source related to the business of the association or where a member of the committee has competing interests or loyalties. These are common and range from a minor concern to a major concern. It is how we handle the conflict that is important. This policy briefly covers this area and is a requirement of Fair Trading NSW.

Covid Safe Protocol
The Covid Safe protocol is adapted from international guidelines and is recommended by the PANSW. Players are also requested to follow other COVID safe procedures implemented by organisers of venues where they play.

Extra Considerations - Children Playing Pickleball
Associations where children are involved need to have a strong interest in keeping children safe in playing and learning environments. This policy covers Working With Children (WWC) checks and reporting risk of harm. This policy is a requirement of the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian.

First Aid Policy                                        Accident Report
Some venues have their own first aid officers and proceedures. This is the PANSW policy for First Aid.

Forum Policy
Explanation of the two types of forums conducted by PANSW.

Life Membership Policy Package
Life membership is bestowed by the Association on a member who has provided exceptional, loyal and outstanding service to a pickleball club in NSW and/or the Association which has advanced pickleball in NSW. This policy package contains the policy explaining this, followed by the operational procedures for implementing this policy and the Life Member nomination form.

Membership Policy
Membership Policy covers aspects of being and becoming a member of PANSW.

Membership Protection Policy
The Membership Protection Policy covers aspects of making informed decisions and maintaining responsible behaviour.
It covers harassment, racial and physical discrimination, bullying etc. It provides directives to provide inclusivity and protection for all members.