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Para Pickleball


Para Pickleball is an inclusive adaption to the game of pickleball to include players with disabilities. Many rules are shared but there are some adaptions and considerations for players with physical disabilities. For example, the two bounce rule at the start of the game applies (the ball must bounce only once on either side of the court after the serve). After the two bounce rule, players in wheelchairs can have up to 2 bounces to return the ball. A wheelchair is considered part of the players body, however the front (smaller) wheels may touch the non-volley zone during a volley.

Adaptions to Rules

Hybrid Pickleball combines a player with a disability and a player without a disability as doubles teams. The player with a disability follows the adapted rules (see above), while the player without a disability follows the standard rules. Many of our tournaments include both Para and Hybrid Pickleball events.

The USA Pickleball Rulebook

More Para Pickleball Information.

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