Pickleball Association of NSW


The organisational structure of pickleball in Australia has three tiers:

  • National Association - Pickleball Australia Association (PAA)
  • State Associations - in NSW - Pickleball Association NSW (PANSW)
  • Local Clubs 

The role of the PAA is to build relationships internationally and ensure pickleball in Australia is recognized internationally, to coordinate and facilitate development of pickleball nationally, and to organize national pickleball events in conjunction with state pickleball associations.

Local clubs enhance the growth of pickleball in their local areas by working with venue organisers, identifying new venues as needed, organising pickleball sessions, hosting local events and training sessions.

State pickleball associations bridge the gap between the PAA and local clubs. PANSW is critical for the growth of pickleball in NSW at this time as clubs are in the early stages of development.

PANSW currently plays an essential role in:

  • Establishing venues for pickleball and building relationships with venue organisers
  • Finding new venues to meet growing demand throughout the state
  • Ensuring pickleball develops in regional areas of NSW as well as in the cities
  • Keeping NSW players informed of playing sessions, new venues and upcoming events
  • Attracting, encouraging and instructing new players
  • Organizing playing sessions which aim to meet the needs of players at all levels
  • Hosting tournaments and leagues, NSW Open in April
  • Applying for grants for equipment and special events
  • Obtaining sponsorships
  • Promoting pickleball through liaison with the media, social media and the PANSW website
  • Attendance at Expos and other public relations channels
  • Advancing pickleball towards official recognition as a sport with the Australian Institute of Sport
  • Administration such as database management, policy and procedure development and correspondence
  • Guiding and assisting the formation of clubs
  • Collaborating and assisting PAA with national events and training of coaches
  • Establishing pickleball as an officially recognized sport in NSW
  • Identifying and supporting young players to represent Australia at an international level
  • Advancing pickleball as a highly competitive sport within Australia
  • Conducting annual meetings and committee meetings to advance pickleball in NSW
  • Incorporating pickleball into school sports programs
  • Incorporating pickleball into special needs and rehabilitation programs