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Referees "play" an important role in pickleball in NSW

In tournaments organised by Pickleball NSW, accredited referees control - or "officiate" - most medal matches and other important matches. Players can also request their non-medal matches to be refereed. 

The main roles of a referee include:

  • Ensure that all players are playing according to the current USA rules of pickleball.
  • Call the score.
  • Ensure players are in the right position to serve.
  • Call service and non volley zone faults.
  • Make line calls only when requested by players if they are in a position to see the ball. 
  • Call time in at the end of time out periods.
  • Manage any injury timeouts. 
  • Complete the scorecard at the end of the match.

Referee training and accreditation levels:
Anyone can become a pickleball referee if they complete the training. Referees must complete training to be accredited to officiate matches at Pickleball NSW tournaments. There are four levels of accredited referees in Australia, starting at level 1 for new referees and level 4 for the most skilled, experienced and trusted referees in the country. 

2024 Referee Training Dates

Referee training is scheduled prior to the Vic, NSW and Qld State Championships in 2024 (other courses may be offered during the year).

Level 1    (Please note PAA membership is required to do the Level 1 course)

  • Victoria Open - 4pm Thusday March 8 (Melbourne)
  • NSW Open - 4pm Thursday 18 April (Sydney)
  • Qld Open - 4pm Thursday 28 June (Brisbane)

Level 2   (Please note - Level 1 accreditation and experience is a prerequisite)

  • Victoria Open - 7:30pm Thursday 8 March (Melbourne)
  • NSW Open - 7:30pm Thursday 18th April (Sydney)
  • Qld Open - 7:30 Thursday 28 June (Brisbane)

Level 3    (Please note - Level 2 accreditation and experience is a prerequisite)

  • During the Australian Pickleball Championships - 5pm Wednesday, 4 October (Gold Coast)

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