Pickleball Association of NSW



As part of our passion to promote and grow the sport of pickleball across NSW, we have a team of volunteer ambassadors. Our ambassadors work with communities, clubs and venues to provide advice and help build pickleball programs.

There are two types of ambassadors:
•  Those who work in the local area that they represent
•  Those who travel around the state and provide enthusiastic support wherever they roam.

PANSW Ambassadors

Central and Inner West Metro Region:
Central Coast Region:
Tomas Vana
Northern Metro Region:
Ian Lanser  
Southern Metro Region:
Kipling Ho
Southern Coastal Region:
Ray Zoccoli
Western Metro Region:
Northern Coastal Region:
Rik Dillon
For all PANSW Ambassador applications contact:

If the following qualities sound like you, then we'd love to make you part of the team. 
    • Friendly and like meeting people
    • The ability and willingness to travel
    • Good communication skills
    • Committed to pickleball
    • Think innovatively

To apply, please download the PANSW Ambassador Program document and application form.