Pickleball Association of NSW


Every pickleball player who plays in a competition (tournament or league) will have a rating, which is a number from 2.0 to 6.0. A higher number indicates a greater skill level, with many players having ratings between 2.5 and 3.5. Ratings can be used to determine a player’s skill level for tournament entry, specific club play (leagues, ladders, skill level brackets) where, for example, there are separate courts for different skill levels. Players with ratings over 3.5 are often considered to play at an advanced level. Player ratings on Pickleball Brackets change following every competition game, based on the results, usually taking a few days to view online. Numerical descriptors for rating skills jump in .5 increments. Self ratings are applied using two digits. For a brief online guide to determining your self rating  Click Here. For a printable version Click Here.

A tournament generated rating will have many decimal points indicating the graduation between the .5 categories. The two digit .5 scale is used in tournaments to indicate the events you can register to play in. You cannot enter an event in a tournament which is for players with a lower rating than yours. You can play 'up' which is in an event rated more highly than you are.

If a player has no previous tournament history in either Doubles, Mixed Doubles, or Singles the starting rating within Pickleball Brackets will be the players self-selected skill rating.  Once a competitor plays in a tournament Pickleball Brackets will start to calculate their current rating based on their competition results. It is very important to start your self assessment as accurately as possible.

rating box in Pickleball Bracketsall self ratings When you first register for a tournament in Pickleball Brackets, you will be asked to enter your self rating for singles and doubles. By clicking on the down arrow, you will be given a choice from 2.0 and up.

A personal ratings after playing in a number of competitions.